Viji Pathy

Viji is an inde­pendent soft­ware con­sultant at MoKaadu Ltd, providing tech­nical con­sultancy and soft­ware devel­op­ment for mobile plat­forms including Android, iOS and Symbian.
She has worked in the mobile industry for 12 years as a developer, tech­nical con­sultant, tech­nical trainer and tech­nical project manager, providing require­ments ana­lysis, soft­ware design & devel­op­ment and training, for embedded and applic­a­tion soft­ware across plat­forms.  Whilst working for Symbian and Nokia, she con­trib­uted to the launch of mobile devices by Nokia, Motorola, Sony Eric­sson, Samsung, LG, Sharp and Fujitsu, as well as applic­a­tions from OEM partners.

She is cur­rently focused on devel­oping mobile apps, such as Android banking and pay­ments applic­a­tions for Visa.