Russell Sheffield

Russell is one of the founders of paythru and the innov­ator of their software-as-aservice,
m-commerce plat­form.  In 2004 Russell launched CoverMe, with Keith Brown, to transact fin­an­cial ser­vices dir­ectly through the mobile.

In 2007 the company was renamed paythru, becoming the worlds first PCI DSS Level
1 m-commerce plat­form, using the unique tech­no­logy that Russell developed and
providing a global plat­form for impulsive, safe, secure trans­ac­tions.
Pre­vi­ously, Russell joined Car Tele­phone Install­a­tions which became Orange, set-up
Tableau, a cre­ative agency investing in new digital design & print tech­no­lo­gies and
started devel­oping web­sites, working with Tesco and Dixons. He developed the
trans­ac­tional tick­eting website for easyJet.

Russell has spent his entire life exper­i­menting with gadgets and any­thing he can
program, pull apart or create. At school he started writing soft­ware on his father’s
Apple ][ and exper­i­menting with radio tech­no­lo­gies through ‘Ham Radio’.