Priya Prakash

Priya is founder of Design for Social Change (D4SC) — A win-win social impact busi­ness for com­munities, local busi­ness and global brands. D4SC marries real-time citizen data with grass­roots action through Chan­gify its mobile crowd intel­li­gence plat­form for cre­ating better neighbourhoods.

She has 12 years hands-on stra­tegic digital product design and lead­er­ship exper­i­ence respons­ible in cre­ating market leading products with unique IP for house­hold brands e.g. BBC iPlayer – No.1 brand in UK and Nokia Asha Smart Phones com­manding 35% market share in Asia. Her designs have boosted share value by 18%, created valu­able online prop­er­ties and paved way for suc­cessful start up exits worth over mil­lions. She is an invited speaker at SXSW, O’Reilly ETech, MEX, TEDx, Apple Com­puters Inc, 2013 D&AD Mobile judge and tutor at The Mobile Academy hosted by UCL & Mobile Monday.

Priya is a RSA fellow with a MA in Inter­ac­tion Design from Royal College of Art and holds patents for iPlayer & Nokia Asha phones.