Michel Sabatier

Michel is a pas­sionate entre­preneur and investor and is cur­rently a partner at Crel­ligo a fund investing in mobile start-ups.

Prior to founding Crel­ligo, he was Head of Con­sulting and Systems Integ­ra­tion at Nokia Siemens Net­works suc­cess­ively for Western Europe, Eurasia and Latin America where he grew the busi­ness at double digit pace per quarter.

Pre­vious to joining Nokia he co-founded 3 com­panies over a period of 7 years backed by venture capital and cor­porate fin­an­cing in areas as diverse as dis­tri­bu­tion of cleaning products in France, an elec­tronic trading plat­form for opti­cians in UK and a new mar­keting channel in UK and Spain.

Michel started his career at ATOS/Origin where he held several pos­i­tions in France and UK during 7 years, spe­cial­ising in IT outsourcing.