Julia Shalet, Course Director

Julia is founder of Product Doctor, a dir­ector at Azenby and a co-organiser at Mobile Monday London.  Her exper­i­ence includes dir­ecting the Brixton Village Space Makers project; launching early Web 2.0 revenue streams as Dir­ector of Product & User Insight at weeworld.com; and taking T-Mobile to number 1 in picture mes­saging at T-Mobile where she was Head of Product.  Julia’s first job was at Mercury One2One where she joined just before the launch of the UK’s first real con­sumer mobile brand in 1993.  She left in 2005, when she was a senior product mar­keting manager with a £350m annual revenue port­folio.  She managed every con­sumer and small busi­ness product during her 12 year stint.