Jo Rabin, Director

As well as being dir­ector of The Mobile Academy & Mobile Monday London, Jo is CTO at Sponge. His exper­i­ence includes being CTO at dotMobi, Flir­to­matic and at Reuters Mobile.  Jo is cur­rently co-chair of the W3CCore Mobile Web Plat­form Com­munity Group, the goal of which is to accel­erate the maturity of Web tech­no­logy to provide a com­pel­ling plat­form for mobile applic­a­tions. From 2005 to 2010 he co-chaired the W3C Mobile Web Best Prac­tices Working Group and co-edited lots of mobile-related W3C Notes / Recom­mend­a­tions. At Reuters, Jo developed the first version of the news industry inter­change standard, NewsML, and was respons­ible for devel­oping the Reuters foreign exchange dealing system.