Charles Brookson

Charles worked  in the Depart­ment for Busi­ness, Innov­a­tion and Skills of the UK  Gov­ern­ment for 12 years and is a Pro­fes­sional Elec­tronic Engineer. He pre­vi­ously was Head of Security for the UK mobile oper­ator one2one, and worked within British Telecom for twenty years before that, in the last few years in the Chairman’s Office. He has worked in many security areas over the last 40 years, including Cryp­to­graphic systems, secure designs, policies, auditing, and mobile radio for over 30 years. He now runs his own Company Zeata Security Ltd and is a Dir­ector of Azenby Ltd.

He has been Chairman on the GSM Asso­ci­ation Security Group for 25 years. He has been working within GSM and 3GPP security stand­ards, first chairing the Algorithm Expert Group way back in 1986.  He is Chairman of the NISSG, a group that was set up to co-ordinate security stand­ards amongst the three European Security Stand­ards Organ­isa­tions and other bodies outside Europe. He is also Chairman of ETSI OCG Security, which is respons­ible for security within ETSI. and was on the Per­manent Stake­holders group of ENISA, The European Network and Inform­a­tion Security Agency.