Ann Zitterkopf

Ann Zit­ter­kopf has extensive exper­i­ence at building businesses.

In 1993, Ann she co-founded an IT company called WorldCom during her final year of uni­ver­sity. WorldCom (renamed Inter­liant in 1995 after a cash deal to sell the name to Bernie Ebber’s growing telecom company) became the leader in applic­a­tion hosting and led a US analyst firm to coin the term Applic­a­tion Service Provider.

Ann per­son­ally sourced dozens of multi-national clients for Inter­liant and led the inter­na­tional expan­sion, even­tu­ally moving to London to lead what became the most prof­it­able busi­ness branch. When she left in 2000, 15 months after listing on NASDAQ, Inter­liant had 1,600 employees, $200 million in recur­ring revenue and a market cap in excess of $2.5 billion. Along the way, Ann was a con­trib­uting author to the “Internet Cook­book” (an intro to the web) and a fre­quent speaker on tech­no­logy and the internet. She has been pro­filed by, among others, the “Sunday Times” and CNBC, and a busi­ness school case has been written about the founding of Inter­liant when Ann lit­er­ally lived in a garage to save on rent while building the business.

After Inter­liant, Ann was the exec­utive in res­id­ence at Sussex Place Ven­tures and was asked to take over one of their port­folio com­panies that was about to go into admin­is­tra­tion. As Chief Exec­utive Officer, Ann built this soft­ware company into the second largest in its space and sold it for cash to the largest.

Ann became Pres­ident and COO of Wee­World in June 2005, a social net­working and gaming site for teens that now creates mobile applic­a­tions.  Ann managed the oper­a­tions of the busi­ness as well as the company’s key part­ners, Microsoft and AOL.

Ann was a founder and, for three years, pres­ident of the UK chapter of The Entre­pren­eurs’ Organ­isa­tion. EO is the leading global com­munity for entre­pren­eurs with more than 6,000 members worldwide.

Ann has a MBA from London Busi­ness School where she led the drive to create a per­manent endow­ment (and occa­sion­ally sits in on the classes when the Inter­liant case is taught) and a BA from Rice Uni­ver­sity.  She also is on the Human­ities Advisory Board at Rice Uni­ver­sity and is a trustee of the Harriet Tory Char­it­able Trust.