All ses­sions except for 20th November will be held at Woburn House Con­fer­ence Centre, 20 Tav­is­tock Square, London, WC1H 9HQ in the Main Hall, Ground Floor. 

The next pro­gramme runs from 18th September - 22nd November 2012.  It runs every Tuesday and Thursday evening, with 2 ses­sions, the first at 6.30–7.30pm and the second from 8-9pm. 

The ses­sions cover Tech­no­logy (T), Design (D) and Busi­ness (B) and a few General Ses­sions (G).  Each session is 1 hour long, and they could be talks, work­shops, clinics, or fireside chats. All ses­sions are delivered by industry pro­fes­sionals who have been there and done that — they are all shown on our Who’s Who page.  We hope that you can make the best use of the pro­gramme and come along to as many ses­sions as you can.  

Below is a down­load­able draft timetable which will inev­it­ably keep changing!

The offical start — get the whole course over­view — ask ques­tions, make demands, meet tutors, meet other par­ti­cipants and work out how you are going to engage with the programme.Julia Shalet and Other Tutors18/9, 6.30pm (Tues)
B1The Mobile LandscapeThe future of mobile is the future of everything. All the tech­no­lo­gies to connect the world already exist and will become more per­vasive and engrained in everyday society in just a few short years. Under­stand the quandries such as Apps vs HTML5, native vs web and see whats going up and what’s going down.Jo Rabin18/9, 8pm (Tues)
D1Oppor­tun­ities & NeedsWhat is the problem that you are solving? What are users implicit & explicit needs? Really under­stand your target users by writing a “Day in the life of” persona story­board and start using the tools, methods and tem­plates you will need to tackle the first step of the design process. Use market-based ana­lysis to uncover any com­pet­itors and dis­cover learn­ings from similar venturesPriya Prakash20/9, 6.30pm (Thurs)
T1Over­view of Tech SolutionsGet an over­view of the Tech­no­logy stream, see the big tech picture and under­stand overall archi­tec­ture. Non techies are par­tic­u­larly encour­aged to attend.Matt Bid­dulph20/9, 8pm (Thurs)
D2Value Pro­pos­i­tionWhat true bene­fits are you offering your users? What is your elev­ator pitch? Focus by using various tools such as writing your first Adcept, Press Release and tweet from a fan/critic. This is a good lead in to the Brand Cre­ation work­shop in October.Julia Shalet, Priya Prakash25/9, 6.30pm (Tues)
B2Busi­ness Model CanvasDesigning a killer product is only half the puzzle of building a new busi­ness. The other half is cre­ating a break­through busi­ness model. Start to use Osterwalder’s Busi­ness Model Canvas to dissect, analyse, and invent new busi­ness models.Ian Mac­Millan25/9, 8pm (Tues)
B3Fin­an­cial ValidationSo you think you have spotted an oppor­tunity? In this session you will be given tools to start con­structing your busi­ness case. Explore the various ways to mon­etise your offering; work out dif­ferent revenue streams; make sure that you have included all your poten­tial costs and have val­id­ated your busi­ness assumptions.Ian Mer­ricks27/9, 6.30pm (Thurs)
T2Android & EclipseThis is an intro­duc­tion to Android SDK tools using the Eclipse IDE for those inter­ested in building Apps. You will get an over­view of the basic soft­ware layers and applic­a­tion archi­tec­ture; a walk through of coding a basic applic­a­tion, simple debug­ging and a quick look at avail­able Lib­raries. Enough to get you started on your first Android App.Kevin McDonagh27/9, 8pm (Thurs)
D3User Mental Model & FrameworkThis session is about getting the right design for your users. We will define the steps and building blocks needed for the user and system to com­plete the core tasks in the real world. Learn how to use Mind maps, Task break­down flow, IA blocks,Priya Prakash, Manuela Zavattaro2/10, 6.30pm (Tues)
D4Core Cus­tomer JourneyThere are good and bad exper­i­ences. In this session you will learn how to create the happy path. What are the bar­riers and pain-points in the way? How are you going to keep them involved beyond their first exper­i­ence? Learn also how to build a Product Roadmap and UX Strategy to avoid feature creep. You will get a chance to pro­to­toype the journey in a low-fi way.Priya Prakash, Andrew Harder2/10, 8pm (Tues)
D5Epics & User StoriesHow to break user needs and the user journey in to deliv­er­able product “require­ments”, in con­sumer lan­guage. Intro­duc­tion to Agile/Lean/Scrum meth­od­o­lo­gies and how to best work with tech­nical teams. From here, the design stream will move from sketching to soft­ware used for mobile development.Priya Prakash, Andrew Harder4/10, 6.30 (Thurs)
B4Col­lecting MoneyHow to get the money in! How do all the dif­ferent cus­tomer payment mech­an­isms compare? How do I work with mobile oper­ators? Sub­scrip­tions vs One Offs?Chris Newell, Russell Sheffield4/10, 8pm (Thurs)
T3HTML 5 & Mobile WebHTML5 and mobile. HTML5 isn’t just about mobile, but it has many fea­tures designed for devel­oping applic­a­tions that run any­where the Web can run.Bruce Lawson9/10, 6.30pm (Tues)
B5Driving TrafficWhy is it important to figure out your Launch Plan early on? How will it affect the first version of your offering? How can you drive traffic? Get the answers to these ques­tions and learn how to DIY PR.Lisa Devaney9/10, 8pm (Tues)
B6Brand Cre­ationNow you know what your value pro­pos­i­tion is, this inter­active work­shop will take you through the process of devel­oping your brand identity.Katrina Dami­anou, Julia Shalet11/10, 6.30pm (Thurs)
T4iOS & X-CodeFor those inter­ested in building Apps — This is an intro­duc­tion to using XCode tools, the Objective-C pro­gram­ming lan­guage, and core frame­works. Review of Model-View-Controller archi­tec­ture and a tour of Table Views and other standard UIs.Kieran Gut­ter­idge11/10, 8pm (Thurs)
T5Cross Plat­form ToolsTizen, Bada, SmartTV, Kirin, Yeecco – and everything in between: an intro to platform-specific and platform-crossing developmentManfred Bortensch­lager16/10, 6.30pm (Tues)
B8The Import­ance of Mobile to BrandsAlex will take you through a range of best prac­tice case studies from some of the world’s leading brands with a strong focus on deliv­ering Return on Invest­ment and cus­tomer engage­ment. He will also eval­uate the wide range of mobile tech­no­lo­gies avail­able to a marketer.Alex Meisl16/10, 8pm (Tues)
D6 Pro­to­typing In this session we will be making sure that we under­stand the utility of the design — is the concept right? This is part of a process that will ensure that you are going to focus on the hol­istic flow, cre­ating the exper­i­ence rather than the details of your feature list. You will be intro­duced to a wide range of tools for lo-fi pro­to­typing of rapid mobile development. Tim Brooke, Priya Prakash
18/10. 6.30pm (Thurs)
T6Working Pro­to­type DemoThis session is about taking your concept Cus­tomer Journey forward and bringing your offering more to life. Does it work as intended? The emphasis will be on the usab­ility of the design and testing with users. The emphasis is now more on func­tion­ality and less on the concept as you are now crafting your product/service. This session is a great lead in to “Visual craft & brand expres­sion of your experience”Priya Prakesh18/10, 8pm (Thurs)
T7Back End SystemsOften an over­sight — what con­sid­er­a­tions are there when choosing back end systems — what fits with what? What should be avoided?TBC23/10, 6.30pm (Tues)
B9How to design a desir­able productHow can we craft products that user’s want to use? How can we design beha­viours that make products habitual? Brand is not just a visual expres­sion, it’s a feeling as well; it’s what makes the product desir­able. And when it is a visual expres­sion, in this world of mul­tiple touch points, how can we create products that are responsive, which adapt to our envir­on­ments and con­texts, and look great on every single device?
Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker23/10, 8pm (Tues)
T8Security, Stand­ards, Authen­tic­a­tion & LegalsHow to make sure you are pro­tecting your­self and your users. Pro­tocol and best prac­tice is there for a reason… come and find out from the experts in the field of security, stand­ards, authen­tic­a­tion and the big hairy law.Charles Brookson25/10, 6.30pm (Thurs)
D8Design ReviewAs a group, we now get to measure and cri­tique the exper­i­ences we have created with each other, with experts, with users and with usab­ility ana­lytics. You will get the chance to go through your Design Prin­ciples and heursitics to score the Design using the UX Checklist.Priya Prakash, Andrew Harder25/10, 8pm (Thurs)
HALF TERMTime to test with some end users, catch up with your­self and vote on how you want the final ses­sions of the course to be filled.26/10 — 5/11
B10Raising MoneyWhat are the dif­ferent ways to get hold of invest­ment? Who do you target? How do you target them? What do you say to them? When do you approach them? What are the common mis­takes people make?Mark Curtis6/11, 6.30pm (Tues)
D9Con­tinuous Improve­ment, Testing & QAHow to get a good all round view of your product per­form­ance and keep your quality assured. How to measure your per­form­ance both stat­ist­ic­ally and through your users, see problem areas, test out options and track the impact of cor­rective actions — in Web and in Apps.Nandi Gur­prasad6/11, 8pm (Tues)
B11Building a BusinessHow do you build a great team, find the right people and retain them? Learn from someone who has built their own busi­ness, achieved high employee sat­is­fac­tion, has low attri­tion has high output.TBC8/11, 6.30pm (Thurs)
B12Mar­keting your mobile presenceYou may have built an out­standing site or app, but your success depends on reaching and activ­ating your mobile cus­tomers. This session has two parts. First, we tackle how you create inter­ac­tions via non-mobile touch­points and integ­rate mobile dis­covery with other media chan­nels. Second, we look at how to reach audi­ences through ads and content on their mobile devices to enter the pur­chase funnel.Rob Thurner8/11, 8pm (Thurs)
T9Tech Drop In Surgery Part 1A free for all with expertise from our tech­nical pros across all platformsA good selec­tion of Tech­nical Professionals13/11, 6.30pm (Tues)
T10Tech Drop In Surgery Part 2A free for all with expertise from our tech­nical pros across all platformsA good selec­tion of Tech­nical Professionals13/11, 8pm (Tues)
G2Demo Night Part 1Get the oppor­tunity to share your work with the rest of The Mobile Academy, get feed­back and you never know who may pop in to have a nosy around!A good selec­tion of Tutors and Mentors20/11, 6.30pm (Tues)
G3Demo Night Part 2Get the oppor­tunity to share your work with the rest of The Mobile Academy, get feed­back and you never know who may pop in to have a nosy around!A good selec­tion of Tutors and Mentors20/11, 8pm (Tues)