12 bursaries available, thanks to the ICT KTN!

We are delighted to tell you that thanks to the ICT KTN, 12 fully funded Mobile Academy places are now available.

Funded through the Tech­no­logy Strategy Board, the ICT KTN seeks to bring a com­pet­itive advantage to the UK by facil­it­ating the devel­op­ment and take up of inform­a­tion and com­mu­nic­a­tions tech­no­lo­gies and their adop­tion as key ena­blers in other industries.

Applying for an ICT KTN funded place is simple:  Make your case in 100 words, email it to [email protected] by 8 August and the winners will be announced by 14 August. This offer is open to all ICKTN members.  Mem­ber­ship is free, and open to all involved in any way in the ICT value chain.  You can join at www.ictktn.org.uk .

If you have any ques­tions in the mean­time, please don’t hes­itate to get in touch with us:  [email protected].

The Brand Explained

The brand was developed by Katrina Dami­anou. Below is her explan­a­tion. We are being guided by this dir­ec­tion and applying the Bauhaus prin­ciples to how we design and deliver this course.

The more people see it, the more see other sym­bolism, such as Jo Rabin, who com­mented that with 12 pieces in the icon, it resembles the 12 buttons on a phone keypad.

A Sans-Serif font, in accord with the Bauhaus design philo­sophy — con­sidered to be that most closely aligned to the prin­ciples of a pos­itive user experience.



The Bauhaus school based its design philo­sophy on the prin­ciples that design should: be rel­evant to the needs of society; and utilize modern tech­no­logy and mater­ials to inex­pens­ively meet con­sumer needs. The Bauhaus school pro­moted func­tional, inex­pensive, con­sumer products where form follows func­tion and less is more. This philo­sophy res­ulted in clean, simple and modern design.


Clean, elegant and easy to read, the SF New Republic SC font nev­er­the­less cap­tures the reader’s atten­tion by drawing the eye to the unique design of the letter ‘C’. The ‘loop’ of the ‘C’ here sug­gests:
1. Move­ment — i.e. it is a more kinetic inter­pret­a­tion than a regular capital ‘C’ — and thus com­mu­nic­ates the dynamic nature and content of the course.
2. Dir­ec­tion — In accord with the goal-oriented object­ives of the course, the ‘C’ is upward facing, sug­gesting pos­itive forward move­ment and the “onwards and upwards” philo­sophy implicit in the indi­vidual pursuit of the learner’s goals.

Graphic/Stamp logo: A Bauhaus inspired ‘screen’ icon

The graphic here rep­res­ents a “stripped back” screen face - a common inter­face across mobile phones, tablets and com­puters. The final col­oured version draws from the UCL Advances logo colour palette and the blue tones in the Mobile Monday logo.