The Mobile Academy is a new venture set up by Mobile Monday London and UCL Advances, set up to provide prac­tical learning pro­grammes to help par­ti­cipants develop their mobile innov­a­tion skills across design, tech­no­logy and busi­ness. The syl­labus has been put together using insights from the pilot course which was held in June 2011.

At the heart of the course is idea of bring together dif­ferent com­munities to help support the growth of mobile enabled busi­nesses in London. Com­munities that can help create and resource new busi­nesses, com­munities that can help shape and inform go-to-market strategies and anti­cipate the implic­a­tions for market pen­et­ra­tion, and com­munities that can help enable devel­op­ment and delivery of great new products and services.