Are you are a company that needs to get deeper into mobile?

A designer or developer who wants to learn new skills?

An entre­preneur looking to launch into mobile?

Maybe you are on the busi­ness side and want to learn more about mobile tech­no­logy and design?

Are you trying to get your idea funded?

Mobile Monday London, the capital’s largest com­munity for people involved in mobile, and Uni­ver­sity College London (UCL Advances) have teamed up to launch The Mobile Academy, a prac­tical, 10-week / 36-hour evening pro­gramme for anyone keen to start or con­tinue their journey in mobile innovation.

Unlike other courses, The Mobile Academy focuses on the busi­ness, design and tech­no­lo­gical aspects of devel­oping suc­cessful mobile products, ser­vices and exper­i­ences. Amongst other things, it can help to trans­form the seed of an idea into a Dragon’s Den style pitch-ready present­a­tion or an award winning mobile campaign.

Par­ti­cipants are encour­aged to develop their own idea as they pro­gress through the pro­gramme and can select from talks, work­shops and clinics, all delivered by industry pro­fes­sionals from  suc­cessful start ups, as well as organ­isa­tions such as Nokia, Samsung, Opera and Droidcon.

A Cer­ti­ficate of Con­tinued Pro­fes­sional Devel­op­ment will be awarded to those who com­plete the course with a minimum 80% attendance.

Starting on 18th September 2012, ses­sions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday even­ings from 6.30pm to 9pm, fin­ishing on 22nd November 2012, at Woburn House Con­fer­ence Centre, 20 Tav­is­tock Square, London, WC1H 9HQ.

Thanks to spon­sors of The Mobile Academy, this course is offered at a heavily sub­sid­ised price of £300 + £17 booking fee.