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Sessions are organised in to 4 areas and are coded as follows: G: General, B: Business, D: Design & T: Technology. There are likely to be small changes to this Programme.

G118:30 - 19:30Welcome to the Programme Julia Shalet
T120:00 - 21:00Technology Overview Jo Rabin
B118:30 - 19:30Business Model Canvas John Spindler
D120:00 - 21:00Value Proposition Julia Shalet
D218:30 - 19:30Design PrinciplesPriya Prakash
D320:00 - 21:00Creating the Customer Journey Priya Prakash
B218:30 - 19:30BrandPaul Phillips
D420:00 - 21:00Desirable ProductsJamie Brooker
G218:30 - 19:30Product Check-InJulia Shalet
B320:00 - 21:00Internet of ThingsStuart Revell
T218.30 - 19:30Mobile TechnlogiesSteve Devo
B320:00 - 21:00Lean & AgileCraig Strong
T318.30 - 19:30How to work with iOsKieran Gutteridge
T420:00 - 21:00How to work with AndroidViji Pathy
D518.30 - 19:30Writing User RequirementsPriya Prakash
D620:00 - 21:00Design ReviewPriya Prakash
B518.30 - 19:30Mobile LandscapeAndreas Constantinou
D720:00 - 21:00Testing & IteratingDave Slocombe
Half Term Break
B618.30 - 19:30Funding SourcesJohn Spindler
B720:00 - 21:00Money MattersIan Merricks
T518.30 - 19:30HTML5 & Mobile WebBruce Lawson
B720:00 - 21:00LegalSam Harper
T618.30 - 19:30Cross PlatformTim Closs
T720:00 - 21:00APIs & Back EndsRonnie Mitra
B818.30 - 19:30Preparing for the Global StageStuart Revell
D820:00 - 21:00User Research MethodsJulia Shalet
B918.30 - 19:30Marketing 1James Kaye
B1020:00 - 21:00Marketing 2James Kaye
B1118.30 - 19:30Building a BusinessRussell Buckley
B1220:00 - 21:00DIY PRLisa Devaney
G318.30 - 19:30Drop in Surgeries15+ Expert Tutors
G420:00 - 21:00Drop in Surgeries15+ Expert Tutors
G518.30 - 19:30Last Night Open Session TBD
G620:00 - 21:00Last Night Open Session TBD
 Session materials are made available to all participants so there is no need to worry about missing a session.