How it started

The Mobile Academy is a col­lab­or­a­tion between Mobile Monday London and UCL, set up to provide prac­tical learning pro­grammes for those that are working on new busi­ness ideas.

At the heart of the course is the idea of bringing together dif­ferent com­munities that can help create and resource new busi­nesses, shape and inform go-to-market strategies and help enable devel­op­ment and delivery of great new products and services.

We hold our pro­gramme at Idea London, a brand new innov­a­tion centre, set up in the heart of London’s Tech City by UCL, DC Thomson and Cisco.

We have four main prin­ciples that guide us in everything that we do:

  1. CRAFTSMANSHIP - Our tutors are experts in their area and through being prac­ti­tioners, have real life exper­i­ences to share
  2. USER-CENTRICITY - We beg you to talk to your users at the earliest oppor­tunity & keep them involved to help you develop your product & proposition
  3. DIVERSITY - We bring people from diverse back­grounds and with diverse skills because we like the addi­tional dimen­sion of learning from each other & the col­lab­or­a­tions that follow
  4. CO-CURATION - Par­ti­cipants, Tutors & friends all get involved in the cre­ation, support and delivery of the pro­gramme — as such we con­tinu­ally evolve and surprise

Here is a word from par­ti­cipants of the very first pro­gramme: