The Mobile Academy is a col­lab­or­a­tion between Uni­ver­sity College London (UCL) and Mobile Monday London. It is a new style of pro­gramme intended spe­cific­ally to address the chal­lenges of teaching a very rapidly chan­ging subject.

Over 210 people have been through the pro­gramme since September 2012. The course has been very well received by its par­ti­cipants and many have said that their exper­i­ence of the pro­gramme has con­trib­uted to sub­sequent successes.

This doc­u­ment sum­mar­ises our exper­i­ence of devel­oping the prin­ciples, format and content of the pro­gramme. We also describe who par­ti­cip­ates in the pro­gramme and the out­comes that have res­ulted from their attendance.

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The Mobile Academy, Terms and Conditions

Please note the fol­lowing terms and con­di­tions for par­ti­cipants on The Course which is oper­ated by The Mobile Academy Limited (TMA).

  1. Par­ti­cipants may cancel their enrol­ment and receive a refund, less booking fees and admin­is­trative costs, up to 7 working days before The Course starts. Refunds are not avail­able subsequently.
  2. Par­ti­cipants’ regis­tra­tion details will be shared with The Hosts.
  3. Material provided as part of The Course is made avail­able for par­ti­cipants’ own use. It is not to be copied, repro­duced, repub­lished, uploaded, posted, trans­mitted, dis­trib­uted or in any other way used, in whole or in part, for any other purpose without the express written per­mis­sion of TMA.
  4. TMA reserves the right to remove The Par­ti­cipant from The Course or exclude The Par­ti­cipant from the venue of The Course if the beha­viour or demeanour of The Par­ti­cipant is con­sidered unacceptable.
  5. No refund will be given in respect of a par­ti­cipant being unable to attend any part of The Course for any reason.
  6. TMA reserves the right to cancel a course, make changes to the pro­gramme, replace a tutor or change The Course venue. If The Course is can­celled by TMA, Course Fees will be refunded in full.
  7. TMA accepts no liab­ility for loss or damage to The Participant’s prop­erty and shall not provide any insur­ance cover what­so­ever to The Participant.
  8. The Par­ti­cipant is solely respons­ible for determ­ining whether The Course is suf­fi­cient and suit­able for the needs of The Par­ti­cipant. TMA does not provide any guar­antee in respect of the standard of The Participant’s abil­ities on com­ple­tion of The Course.
  9. Views expressed by tutors and TMA staff are their own. TMA does not accept any liab­ility for advice given or views expressed by tutors or in any notes or doc­u­ment­a­tion provided to Participants.
  10. Subject to lim­it­a­tions in law, the liab­ility of TMA to The Par­ti­cipant with respect to the pro­vi­sion of The Course, the can­cel­la­tion, post­pone­ment, or amend­ment of The Course, any neg­li­gence, any breach of con­tract, or arising in any other way out of the subject-matter of these Terms and Con­di­tions, will not extend to:any indirect losses or damages, or to any loss of profits, loss of con­tracts or oppor­tunity, whether direct or indirect, even if TMA had been advised of the pos­sib­ility of those losses or if they were within TMA’s con­tem­pla­tion; or any costs or expenses incurred by any person or organ­isa­tion in con­nec­tion with travel, accom­mod­a­tion, reser­va­tions or other arrangements.
  11. The war­ranties and under­tak­ings given by TMA in these terms and con­di­tions are, to the extent per­mitted by law, given in lieu of all implied con­di­tions, war­ranties, rep­res­ent­a­tions or other terms, including any relating to sat­is­factory quality, fitness for a par­tic­ular or any purpose, or the ability to achieve any par­tic­ular result.