The Mobile Academy is a col­lab­or­a­tion between Uni­ver­sity College London (UCL) and Mobile Monday London. It is a new style of pro­gramme intended spe­cific­ally to address the chal­lenges of teaching a very rapidly chan­ging subject.

Over 180 people have been through the four courses since September 2012.

The course has been very well received by its par­ti­cipants and many have said that their exper­i­ence of the pro­gramme has con­trib­uted to sub­sequent successes.

This doc­u­ment sum­mar­ises our exper­i­ence of devel­oping the prin­ciples, format and content of the pro­gramme. We also describe who par­ti­cip­ates in the pro­gramme and the out­comes that have res­ulted from their attendance.

The Mobile Academy Pro­gress Report: Sup­porting London’s Mobile Ecosystem

Here is also a flyer for our Autumn Course
The Mobile Academy Autumn 2014 Flyer